01/25/2014 Match Report

On the 25th, the boys from Atlanta’s own High Country Rugby Club, traveled to Birmingham Alabama to take on the Vulcans. Here is the match report with colorful commentary;

The men of High Country rugby came up short in a valiant effort against the Birmingham Vulcans on Saturday, losing to the Division II side 16-7 at their home pitch at Krebs Field at Erskine Ramsay Park.

The exhibition match was broken into four 20-minute quarters and High Country played well and battled the Vulcans to a standstill in the first and second periods. Though they were heavily penalized throughout, High Country managed to keep the Vulcans out of the try zone, executing a try-line stand and holding Birmingham without a try.

The Vulcans were able to control the game by taking advantage of numerous penalties on High Country, most for being offside. The team was also hit with a yellow card for wing Kevin Stewart for a high tackle. The referee was quick on the whistle and dinged the team for a number of controversial penalties. That led to a few opportunities for Birmingham, which converted kicks to take the lead.

High Country head coach Nicolas Ambrosini expressed his frustration about the situation after the match.

“Yeasdfsdh dhsafsdh hasdfsdfsh shsasllllll,” said Ambrosini. “Ja yahhsdsfd hshl;askjjkkj asdfdshhuk asdfsasd nsjdkjhjkn asdfsdasdfs asdfasdf chyhsk sdfafsdafsfsafsfsaffafasd da sone.”

While the home team controlled the tempo through well-timed kicks and taking advantage of set pieces, the visitors were able to make a few line breaks, one of which led to a score by center Garrett  Hilgendorff.

In support of fly half Troy Albright, who had broken away on a 40-meter run, Hilgendorff took a pop pass into the try zone over two Vulcan defenders. The kick was converted by wing Nick Giglio, who did a terrible job on kickoffs but did manage to put the necessary two points from the conversion on the board.

For Hilgendorff, the long run was about more than putting points on the board.

“You know, with my job as an awesome bartender I sometimes don’t get the chance to do as much cardio as I’d like and my abs haven’t been as ripped and chiseled and I’d like,” he said, “so when I saw Troy running I knew this was a great opportunity for me to really burn some calories and try to perfect my model physique. Plus my hair looks really good blowing in the wind.”

While there were quite a few mistakes and the team was heavily penalized, the team tackled well and forward John Drapeau was named man of the match. As always, High Country was victorious at the drink up at Birmingham’s bar.

Happy with the progress made over the first few weeks, but still not content with the outcome, Ambrosini said he will be working on discipline and focus during High Country’s upcoming week of practice.

High Country will practice Tuesday and Thursday to prepare for their match on Saturday against Atlanta’s GRITS Rugby Club.