It’s about that time

It’s about that time boys.  Fall rugby is about to take on a whole new meaning as this year’s Matrix games are split between the Fall and the Spring.  Important info:

Every player needs to get CIPPed (registered).  Everyone’s current registration expires on 8/31/13.  If you are not registered, you cannot play, period.  Visit to register (make sure you register for High Country Rugby Club 2013-2014).
Practice starts Tues Aug. 27th @ Coan Park @ 1520 Woodbine Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30317 @ 6:45pm and continues every Tues & Thurs throughout the season.  DO NOT come into practice out of shape.

Game Schedule:

9/7   – Possible Warm-up game OR HC Pub Crawl (keep this weekend open)

9/14  – Warm-up game

9/21  – Warm-up game

9/28  – Athens @ HC (home team may switch)

10/5  – HC @ Griffins

10/12 – OW @ HC

10/19 – HC @ Athens (again, home team may switch due to L5P Parade)

10/26 – Griffins @ HC

11/9   – HC @ OW

11/16 – Make-up games