Match report HCRFC vs. Macon Love 10-06-2012

By Dion Rabouin

ATLANTA –  The men of High Country again defended their home pitch on Saturday as the team defeated Macon 37-7.

The Macon Love were shorthanded in a few key areas and High Country was able to take advantage. The team got two scores from fly half Troy Albright, two more from center Garrett Hilgendorf and a try each from Anthony Limardo and John Koury.

All the scoring in the game came from the back line, but forward Jack “Wub Wub” Mizell believed it was really the pack who deserved the glory.

We carried a lot of backs to trys today,” said Mizell, who last week complained profusely about not being included in the game story. “I had to shove, like, three backs into the try zone. I carried [Albright] in and then chipped [my] tooth.”

The men of the match were prop “Slim” Rob Armstrong for the forwards and Hilgendorf for the backs.

Limardo agreed with Mizell’s assessment, at least in regard to his try.

[The forwards] basically picked me up and put me over the try line,” he said.

The scrum half, who missed last week’s game against the Bucs to attend a hippy jam fest, said that he knows he and other key players will have to take their game up a notch in the future.

It was still a good match,” Limardo said. “We gotta be disciplined and not show up late and drunk [to the game].”

The team’s numbers were an obvious asset in the win over the Love, as was their fitness. remarked head coach Mitch Jaffe praised his team for showing up ready to play.

We need to work on offloads; our scrums need a lot of work,” Jaffe said, “but we were fitter than our opponent, that’s for sure.”

Despite scoring his first try with the club before this week, Koury did not perform a Zulu -and thus had to perform it after Saturday’s game.

It looks like a mushroom head in a bed of lettuce,” remarked Jaffe during Koury’s Zulu.

In addition to his unattractive genitals, Koury’s head was bleeding conspicuously during and after the game, but rather than go to the hospital he poured water on it at the pitch and then drove to the team’s social drink-up.

I’m tired,” Koury replied when asked how he was feeling. “I did a Zulu while bleeding from the head. But I had a good time, I enjoyed it.”

The team’s next scheduled game is Saturday October 13 against Montgomery (Ala.), on the road.